Double Sided Furry Pulpboard Beer Drink Coaster - Fox and Dragon


Keeping your coffee table, room party, or office clean and dry has never been so fun with these double sided furry beer coasters!

These 80pt pulpboard coasters are not only fun, but do one thing VERY well, and that's keeping your counters dry! The thickness of the pulpboard means that these coasters can be reused over and over, and the print will look just as great as the day you bring them home! Each coaster has a fun, "alcohol" side, as well as a "drinking responsibly" side. And did I mention how cute they are? Whether you're a fan of anthropomorphic creatures, or just like something cute to hold your liquor, you have to admit that these animals know how to party!

You will receive one coaster, double sided! Please drink responsibly!

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